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Message Subject RAPTURE TIME IS NEXT ----- Does UP implie the Rapture? YES
Poster Handle little star
Post Content
Good morning Christ´s Child. I have a problem my friend in what your think is right and righteous. I can tell that you are unlearned as to what God thinks of those that teach the rapture. I say that not with malice nor bitterness, but to awaken you to what you already know. Amos 8:11 verifies that most Christians are biblically ignorant. Ever read Eze. 13:17-23. There you will see what God says about those that cover His real truth teaching lies about the rapture. Ever read 2 Thess. chapter two? No you have not, and if you have then you do not understand what you have read. Again I say that not to offend but to awaken. Let me ask you this question to prove that your lost. In Revelations God tells satan and his bad angels with him that he can go down and sting all those that do not have the "seal of God in their foreheads". What are Christians still doing here that God must warn satan not to touch them? What is the sealing? Being saved is just that. Being saved and sealed means you have the whole armor of God on and in place. Ever read Eze. chapter 9? The is a prophetic chapter telling of a event in that time and hidden prophetic information tell us who read it what will happen in the end times. See how God will start with the churches first and with the pastors? All those that are not sealed with the truth will be working and spreading lies for satan. "Flood of lies". Satan uses men at the pulpit to spread his lies, and people who get sucked up by their teachings and never study for themselves will be doing the work of satan out of ignorance of course. Question::What is the last 7 events that happen before we gather back to Christ? You do not know and I know you do not know because you have even used Mary´s work and think its holy and from God. You use others peoples work thinking your doing right and by that you think your saving souls that should not live and crusifying those that should live. Quoting from Eze>above. You have been duked my friend and your not going to bring anyone to God by your actions. 1 Corinthians 15:52 tells us when we will gather back to Christ. And it says at the last trump. How many trumps are there? Can you count them? A first grader can count and know which number is last, but most Christians cannot count because they are lead by the nose by some unlearned bible thumper pastor. I am a real Christian and maybe you think I am hard on your words. I am not out to win friends, but to reveal the real truth of what the bible says. You will be judged by your words and the things you do against Gods plan. Think about it. Verify that the rapture is true and the fly away at any moment doctrine is true. You cannot. You can use some book, but you cannot use the bible because the bible calls your belief a lie propigated in 1830 by some insane woman in Scotdale England and brought forth by two catholic priest to help make their church grow. God said He would send a strong delusion in the latter days. What is that delusion Christ´s Child? You do not even know that, you want to push the "Rapture" Fly away at any moment doctrine and you think by "Fear" you can bring people to the Lord. Christ did not use fear and so no Christian should either. To get you started on getting you sealed, listen to what Christ says in the sealing chapters; which are; Mat. 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21. He says that we shall not gather back Him until the abomination of desolation be revealed, which is none other than the star, the fake morning star in Rev. 9, satan. He shall stand in the temple calling himself Jesus. You, like the unlearned will tell all of your family and friends when that happens that it is Jesus. You will be held accountable for your pushing satan´s lies. Sorry my friend for being tough on you, but a lie is a lie. You cannot even begin to answer the questions I asked nor will you even try. Why? Because the spirit of slumber is apon you given to you by God, not satan, but by God. See Isaiah 29, Isaiah 66, and Romans 11. Who are you? Are you one of the elect doing Gods work or are you the flood of lies that satan uses. See Rev. 17:15, that whore is the church systems. And the "waters" the flood of satans lies is what it says there. Wake up yourself and ask God why a person like me gave so much time to even respond to your thread. Am I any better than you as a sinner? No, but I am sealed. Rev. 7 says in the end times that God will seal His servents that will do His work. Read Rev. 7:3 and ask God why your not sealed. Sealed means you have the plan of God locked and loaded in your mind. All fakes or lazy Christians who lean on the pulpits of some church system, God cannot use. He has chosen 7000 that will not bend a knee to Baal(Romans 11:4). Baal worship is end the end times means those that worship a church system instead of Christ. There is more to the Word, the Bible than you have been taught or learned for yourself. You cannot bring anyone into the truth until you put the gospel on first. Sorry, you just ran into one of the elect, the real elect. I say that in pride, but fact. God does the sealing, not me, not you, and surely not some super preacher behind some pulpit. Can God use you? You answer that to Him, not me.. I say this to you, blessings, even though I know my words will inflame you.. Blesssings and Peace and Love from the throne of God..
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