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Message Subject RAPTURE TIME IS NEXT ----- Does UP implie the Rapture? YES
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"Then get involved with other Christians"

I agree with little star....there is, from my limited understanding, NO pre-tribulation "rapture".

And, as far as getting involved with other "Christians".....well, as little star points out, what I refer to as "church goers", todays Christians are generally not who I care to be associated with. Hypocracy has a little something to do with it and Materialism seems to be the prime directive. No thanks. I donīt study the Bible too much these days because I suppose I know the basics, and to me, the basics are to Love God, Love Others. And Jesus demonstrated how to do this. For me, as much as I can understand and do, trying to be like Jesus is the simplest way. We all donīt need to be Bible scholars although it has been good to have others point out the misrepresentations by some people and "The Church". I donīt really worry about being raptured, or not. I do know that God has a place for me because of whatīs in my heart. And, I do know that I shall never be fooled by a usurper, for itīs been said that God gives us what we ask of Him and Iīve asked that I never be fooled....to be able to discern Truth....and it seems to work. For that, I am most grateful.

Come, Lord Jesus!....canīt wait to see your face!

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