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Message Subject RAPTURE TIME IS NEXT ----- Does UP implie the Rapture? YES
Poster Handle little star
Post Content
AC 11412, hey thanks for your comment. Very good , but I want to point out some scriptures for you if you do not mind. you said this....

His chosen will be taken up into the clouds AFTER the tribulation.

I am sorry to disagree with you. The word clouds is a Greek slang word, or street Greek lang. Today we have carried over some of it in by saying something like this" A cloud of locust". The meaning of cloud in symbology means " large body of people" in the case of what is written in 1 Thess. chapter 4. Look at Pauls writtings in Heb. 21:1. Cloud of witness. How can a cloud be a witness. It cannot. Look with me in Jude verse 12 (again cloud is being used). " These are spots in your feast of charity, when they feast with you, feeding themselves without fear; clouds they are without water..(Stop and think about that word cloud there. Clouds is nothing but water. Again it means large body of people and in this case, all those that do not believe, all the fake Christians, all those working for satan cause. Meaning, the majority will be decieved. Now also I must state this to you if you do not mind me doing so. God gave satan the command not to kill anyone. Those who will be doing the killings and beatings will be Christians, non-believers, and believers of other religions. Prove that? Sure. Mark 13:9 " But take heed to yourselves(becareful); for they(they? Christians and governments)shall deliver you up to councilss (governments) and in the synagogues(churches) ye shall be beaten : and ye shall be brought before rulers and kings for My sake. " Why? Because the world is in darkness right now. The smoke from the pit of satan (Rev. 9:2) the great end time delusion, deceptions is in full effect. That is why most Christians fall for the rapture...And that is why most Christians teach fear, fear, fear... All untrue. They are not sealed with the truth, therefore they errors in their beliefs and teachings. thanks for you imput..Blessings to you.
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