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Message Subject RAPTURE TIME IS NEXT ----- Does UP implie the Rapture? YES
Poster Handle little star
Post Content
Notice how time has passed on this thread and Christ´s Child has not responded. That my friends is how a unlearned Christian stands. When they get the truth, they wilt and fall into sometimes even tears. I say that not to offend, but I see tons of lies about the Word, the bible on this sight and sometimes I just want to shout out in complete agony that I cannot do anything spiritually about it. When ever I speak with so called pastors they clam up and hang their heads in shame. I have not light esteemed my salvation that Christ paid for. I seek His wisdom and truths to teach others how to study for themselves, not like most church systems. I teach them how to study and verify. Then I step out of the way and let them have a one on one relationship with God in His Word without me being in the middle as the go between man. Most pastors step between you and God in His Word to keep you coming back to them. I tell you all this, let Christ lead and let the pastors fall. Read John chapter 6 about the hidden manna. For He is the bread of Life. Read Rev. 2:17 and see if you have recieve a new name written which no mans recieves excepted those that know the new name...(No Michael either like one false religion presents.) Let Christ teach you that new name, a new white stone...Blessings to all.
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