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Message Subject RAPTURE TIME IS NEXT ----- Does UP implie the Rapture? YES
Poster Handle Christīs Child
Post Content
Wide is the road to deception and narrow is the path to heaven.

This thread was started to save souls and to give the last hour warning before the Rapture snatch.

You in your own mindset may take it any way you want. Laugh, ridicule, use lawyers semantic verbage - whatever - I donīt care!

Nor am I interested in debate at this late hour.

My assignment was to give the sinners and non-believers the final warning. I have done my job.

If you are "Of the Spirit" you know from were I am coming from.

To the others.

You cannot deny you have been warned!

Narrow is the path to heaven but we do have Yeshua, Jesus Christ as our guide.

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