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talk about pulling stuff outta their butts

User ID: 1245002
United States
01/27/2011 12:20 AM
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talk about pulling stuff outta their butts
this show takes so many illogical, bizarre, and random leaps to try and connect the dots, its really just a bunch of alien boosters literally pulling stuff out of their asses - Daniken being the original ass-puller... they basically say - "heres a mystery" - which frankly 95% of the scientific community can show ISNT all that mysterious. Even when it IS something of a mystery, it of course CANT be a natural mystery, nooo ,,,,,they take a huge LEAP from their asses that it MUST be aliens..no other explanation. it frankly does a huge disservice to the most reasonable arguments for UFO's... its like a parade of the stupid. its always fun however, to count the illogical leaps of non-logic and argument manipulation....

hey a rock looks like a face! it MUST have been sculpted, and cause the rock is older than the peru civilizations, it MUST have been either the Atlanteans or Interdimensional aliens! nah, it couldnt be the classic case of wind, sun, and rain and that a rock LOOK remotely like a face or a puppy.... so how bout that cloud in the sky that looks like a puppy? MUST BE ALIENS.....

of course , they talk endlessly about how the benevolent aliens MUST HAVE showed the local tribes special places, and secret knowledge...of course, every one of those alien-favored local civilizations ended up extinct or nearly wiped out by a bunch of money-hungry spaniards... shows that it obviously doesnt pay to hang out with aliens....

sorry people, but altho daydreaming can be fun - its just that - daydreaming -and it doesnt trump scientific process, logical progressions and interrelationships, and serious scientific study, analysis and peer review. Notice how NONE of these yahoos ever provides any data on the "strange energies"? nope.

oh and the crazy hair guy is trying to imitate Howie Mandel after doing Meth.

User ID: 1191137
United States
01/27/2011 12:21 AM
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Re: talk about pulling stuff outta their butts