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Deepening Canada-U.S. Security and Military Ties

User ID: 1250870
01/31/2011 02:52 PM
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Deepening Canada-U.S. Security and Military Ties
A recent North American defense ministers meeting was originally scheduled to be a trilateral gathering, but Mexico’s Secretary of Defense was unable to participate in the summit. Canada-U.S. talks focused on continental, hemispheric, as well as global defense issues. The meeting went a long way to further deepen bilateral security and military ties. It was also significant considering that Canada and the U.S. are currently negotiating an agreement that would work towards establishing a perimeter approach to security.

For those championing for deeper Canada-U.S. integration a North American security perimeter is seen as a logical next step. There now appears to be a renewed push to take NAFTA and the SPP design to the next level and incrementally closer to a North American Union.

full article [link to beyourownleader.blogspot.com]