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James Tim Turner

User ID: 1252750
United States
02/01/2011 10:53 PM
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James Tim Turner
Ousted Emergency Manager speaks out on corruption in Franklin County

[link to www.whoseflorida.com]

James Tim Turner
I have to ask, if my termination wasn't for saving money or because of politics then there had to be another reason. Let's explore some other possibilities. Is it possible that I was terminated because I didn't support Mr. Pierce and this board's agenda to build what I believe to be illegal developments for certain developers and large corporations that I won't name because they are "NO ORDINARY JOE" and they might not like it.
January 19, 2004
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1118750
United Kingdom
02/01/2011 11:01 PM
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Re: James Tim Turner
Thats President Tim to you fucknuts.

You got a point to make or you just retarded ?