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Message Subject THE NEW MOON - if EARTH revolves around SUN and MOON around EARTH, at some point the MOON would pass in front of the SUN.
Poster Handle nodantheman
Post Content
Its a fair question.

Why hasn't anyone seen the MOON pass in front of the sun during what we call the New moon phase which occurs EVERY single MONTH of the YEAR?

Now we know science is very much advanced, well, with all their understanding from landing a man on the moon, supporting GEO-satellites on thin air with their math, seeing the invisible atoms and then measuring and weighing them, photographing colorless planets (hydrogen-Jupiter) in the dark without a flash, etc, etc. Its their understanding of the earth with all its 360 flattened arcs that really has me doubting.

The earth being round (and it is) having the moon revolving around it while the earth itself revolves around the sun, the moon would most definitely pass in front of the sun at some point during its lunar schedule and we would see this transit before the sun. Unless the sun, like the moon, also revolve around the 360 flat arcs of the spherical earth, and by this, the moon would never pass in front it. :)

What do you think?

Is science right in that we're just too busy during the daytime and aren't looking up at the sun? Or perhaps science believes that the sunlight is the same color like the moonlight and doesn't have a clue?
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