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Message Subject THE NEW MOON - if EARTH revolves around SUN and MOON around EARTH, at some point the MOON would pass in front of the SUN.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Listen up O

When the moon passes under or above the sun it is a called an "astronomical New Moon" and we can't see it cuz the sun is blinding.

When the Moon passes infront of the sun it is called a solar eclipse and you can see the dark moon. So a solar eclipse and astronomical New Moon occur at the same time.

There is a difference between the modern "astronomical bs new moon" and the "biblical new moon."

Hint: Everything in acient times was done by observation.

New Moon = First crescent......cuz you cannot see the dark conjunction moon with your eyes unless it's a solar eclipse, in which case it's called a "heavenly sign".
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