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it´s official! food prices going to go way up!

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02/05/2011 12:36 PM
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it´s official! food prices going to go way up!
News today in northern mexico report 90% loss of crops in more than 700,000 acres of farmland.

That´s just for the vegetables,

mangoes and oranges to be hit next week!

how´s things up in north america?

probably not much different,

expect rpices to go up very soon....starting next week!
Beyond one's own mind there is no dazzling light to come shining in from outside to wake one up. If one recognizes one's own intrinsic State as pure from the beginning and only temporarily obscured by impurities, and if one maintains the presence of this recognition without becoming distracted, then all the impurities dissolve. This is the essence of the Path-namkhai norbu.

Why is there a legend about the descent of Christ into hell? The Teacher addressed the lower strata of the astral world, saying: �Why, by cherishing earthly thoughts, bind oneself eternally to Earth?� And many revolted in spirit and rose higher.
Thread: I shot video of the earth from my spacecraft, enjoy!