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Government Hacks Continue To Violate Civil Rights Of Illinois 9/11 Truth Seeker

WTF is Bush Hiding?
08/04/2005 02:35 PM
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Government Hacks Continue To Violate Civil Rights Of Illinois 9/11 Truth Seeker
Government Hacks Continue To Violate Civil Rights Of Illinois 9/11 Truth Seeker

Phillip Jayhan is on the Bush administration "watch list" for getting too close to unraveling the U.S. government´s shady dealings in 9/11. The victim of constant harassment, his personal privacy and free speech rights have been violated on a weekly basis for more than a year by government thugs who have no respect for the U.S. Constitution.
August 2, 2005

By Greg Szymanski

If the government is as clean as a whistle over 9/11, explain why it wants to put Phillip Jayhan in a nice, neat little package and dump him into the Fox River? Explain why government hacks have harassed him, broke into his apartment, pilfered his car and generally made him look over his shoulder every time he leaves his McHenry, Ill, home?

Explain why they tap his telephone, send undercover agents to debrief him and crash his web site every chance they get? Explain why they want to shut him up when all he wants to do is find out the truth?

Jayhan isn’t a domestic or foreign terrorist so the Patriot Act shouldn’t apply and, in theory, the government hacks should keep dirty little hands out of his business. But, instead, they’re right in his face most every day, violating his civil rights when all he’s done is ask some ordinary questions concerning what happened on 9/11.

In fact, Jayhan is so ordinary, one wonders why they even bother? But that what was before the 9/11 world, before the “pagans in power”, as he calls them, put the clamps down on anybody “who gets too close to the serious game they are playing.”

And make no mistake about it, Jayhan must be close to something big. Otherwise why are the power players paying such close attention to somebody like him? It makes one wonder what the government is really hiding because Jayhan is about as average as they come, born and raised the Midwest with no special titles or political axes to grind.

He isn’t a Washington power broker, a financial threat or a double agent spy, trying to steal state secrets. In fact, before he took on 9/11 research and what he calls “trying to preserve the American way of life,” he was a common every day messenger delivery man, slugging out a living delivering documents from office to office.

But when he decided to question the official 9/11 story – striking a nerve like few before him have done – the Bush administration attack dogs didn’t care who he was, targeting him as “a man to watch” and generally hounding him like he was some big piece of fresh meat walking through a den of wolves.

For example, in the last year, since he was the first one to bring to light exclusive video footage showing a missile firing from the jetliner that struck the South Tower, government agents have attacked every area of his privacy, including monitoring his communications and invading his living space, all without proper warrants showing probable cause he committed a crime.

But in the post 9/11 Bush America, Constitutional protections against evasive and illegal government intrusion into a citizen’s personal life has been thrown out the window, especially if one gets too close to unraveling the shady activities surrounding 9/11.

And from the looks of the government surveillance put on Jayhan, he has uncovered some damaging evidence, consequently making some of the 9/11 power players very nervous.

Not only has he uncovered some damaging information, but he has also found a way to appeal to the public, convincing thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Americans that the airplane that hit the second tower wasn’t a commercial jet at all, but was actually a government drone armed with weapons.

The montage of video footage he has collected for public viewing on his web site seems to have struck a nerve, if not a main artery, piercing the validity of the commercial jetliner theory the government has advanced since 9/11.

And since the footage has drawn over 15,000 web site hits on a daily basis for some time now, the government has tried in every way possible to keep his convincing video presentation from the American people by regularly, almost on a weekly basis, crashing his site using what he believes to be government hackers.

Although it’s difficult to prove who is the culprit in this modern age of electronic surveillance, Jayhan has a pretty good idea ever since connecting a sophisticated web site tracking system which has revealed daily visits from State Department and Department of Defense computers, not to mention other companies with ties to government interests.

“This was a big find, the footage of the missile, and really got me started to seriously research 9/11. Consequently, I have been harassed and monitored very closely but it has only made me more determined to uncover the real truth behind what really happened on 9/11 ,” said Jayhan this week in a telephone conversation from his McHenry home about the sensitive video footage that first appeared on April 15, 2004, on his web site www.letsroll911.org, a site which again this week was brought down by government hackers.

“They crashed my computer again, but that has become normal. They tear it down and I put it up again. But regarding the important information, when I first saw the footage of the airliner striking the second tower, I noticed something strange, like a pod, under the belly of the jet. This got me started and then I began looking for every piece of original footage I could find.

“What I found was amazing but yet simple to see and so I displayed this on my site, which really got me and my web site off the ground, seriously researching 9/11. The footage clearly shows a missile actually fired from the plane and striking the tower right before the plane itself crashed into the South Tower. And when people go to the site and look for themselves, nine out of 10 go away believing the same thing.”

And by the reaction he received from government officials, apparently they believed Jayhan was on to something, too. After compiling the footage from many different sources and presenting a compelling visual case, he knocked on almost every government door from Illinois to Washington D.C., trying to get answers and alert the proper authorities, including the 9/11 Commission, asking all of them to mount a more thorough investigation in light of his findings.

But instead of receiving praise for his hard work, he was either ignored or cross-examined like a common criminal by officials more concerned at finding out “what he knew and who he told” instead of using his information to get at the truth.

“The 9/11 Commission ignored me, but I really knew something was strange when I finally got a call from my Congressman, Rep. Phillip Crane, who is now out of office but for a long time was the head of the powerful House Arms Services Committee,” said Jayhan about the 30 minute call he received from Rep. Crane after he advised his office of his findings.

“Now get this: This big politician calls me and talks for a long time. How often does that happen? But after the call he never really did anything, and looking back, it was as if he was trying to debrief me, not get at the truth. He called me a couple weeks after my web site came out at the end of April 2004 and I remember Crane even asking how many people I talked to about the footage.

“And this wasn’t the last time I have been debriefed by government informants as I am sure they are still trying. Recently, I was invited to a meeting with someone who appears to be working on both sides. I won’t mention any names as I can’t be completely sure, but again it seemed to be one of those meetings designed to find out any new information I was working on.”

And after Jayhan started his web site more than a year ago, he has continued his relentless fact-finding 9/11 mission despite constant harassment, giving most of the credit to a small group of truth-seekers who have dedicated their time, energy and resources to helping him uncover the truth.

“Many people, like Deb Simon, have helped me tremendously to make my web site credible,” said Jayhan, admitting one of the most difficult aspects of the 9/11 truth movement is to weed out the disinformation agents from the true believers in uncovering the truth.

“I don’t want to mention any names, because in this post 9/11 world, you can never really be sure. But let me tell you there are a lot of people out there and web sites waving the 9/11 banner that are actually designed to spread disinformation with the intention of disrupting those of us trying to get at the real truth.

“People always ask me why I have dedicated my entire life to this project and all I can tell them is that I am doing it to preserve the American way of life, which is in serious trouble of being destroyed from within our own government.

“I starting researching 9/11 about six months after the fact, knowing in my heart something wasn’t right. Then after spending an enormous amount of research time uncovering the jetliner-missile footage, I knew there was a massive cover-up. After that, I vowed never to stop researching the other holes in the official story until the truth was finally uncovered and the real culprits inside our own government brought to justice.”

And being a man of his word, Jayhan has expanded his 9/11 truth-finding mission to almost every aspect of the complex one day assault on the WTC, The Pentagon and the mishap over Shanksville, Penn., including detailed documentation of many inconsistencies of the official story.

“We also believe that Phoenix Air had a part in 9/11,” said Jayhan. “Phoenix Air is owned by Mossad and is the only company in America to have four planes outfitted with electronic warfare (EW) equipment. We believe these planes were used to create the false blips on the radar screens of the four aircraft.”

Another area of concern now occupying Jayhan’s time is the research he uncovered showing that Flight 11 and Flight 77, two of the alleged hijacked planes, never even existed in airline flight records on the morning of 9/11.

“I have found that both of those flights never existed on 9/11 but were strangely on the airline flight lists the day before and the day after,” said Jayhan. “Also I have found out that many – too many – of the passengers on all the four airliners never were even entered on the Social Security Death Index. And what about Flight 93? I have found that not even one of the families have ever applied for 9/11 compensation monies. Why?”

Jayhan, however, doesn’t stop with a general look at the passenger list, but picks out one especially suspicious passenger, Daniel Lewin, listed as killed, but who also was a confirmed Israeli commando.

“So here we have an Israeli commando traveling as a U.S. citizen on the same hijacked plane with the supposed Arab terrorists,” adds Jayhan. “Lewin was not only with Israeli intelligence but head of Akamai Industries, an Israeli internet routing company that received a two-hour advance warning of the WTC attacks.

“Now Akamai has hacked my hard drive many times and I have the paper work to back it up. Why? Isn’t it odd that Lewin’s company is regularly also hacking my personal PC and the last time was about three or four days ago.

“I believe Lewin is one of the perpetrators and that he is still alive. I realized a long time ago that some of the perpetrators of 9/11 put themselves on as passengers and we are in the process of methodically checking all the flight lists and cross-referencing names. Remember, Lewin was on Flight 11 and 11 never existed in the NTSB data base as a flight that day. Why?”

In cross-referencing other passengers on Flight 11, Jayhan noticed an inordinate number of defense contractor employees on board, a number of then from Raytheon, one of the larger defense contractors involved in sophisticated remote control flying technology.

And one of the most difficult questions being addressed by Jayhan and never sufficiently answered by 9/11 skeptics is if other planes were used, what then happened to four original jetliners and the passengers on board?

Although he admits it’s only a theory, he bases his assessment on extensive research into this problematic issue:

“In a nutshell, I theorize that two flights didn’t exist that day, which is verified. Of the two left, there are major issues with the passenger families of Flight 93 not accepting money from the Victims’ Compensation Fund.

“Of the two flights remaining, I think they were morphed into one, with Flight 175 (if it existed) taking off and landing in Newark then becoming Flight 93, which later has been documented as landing in Cleveland. This would explain the 41 minute delay in departure of the last of the four jetliners supposedly involved.

“Nothing crashed or was shot down over Shanksville. Debris was dumped from the white C-130, which also flew over the Pentagon. A bomb was detonated in the Shanksville field, providing a pre-planned imprint to make it looked like a jet crashed and this is obvious since no jet fuel or plane parts were ever found on the property.”

And as the 9/11 mystery continues, Jayhan has no intention of stopping his pursuit for the truth, asking one more question to stimulate more researchers to take up what he calls a vital cause of protecting and preserving the American way of life:

“Please, someone tell me what happened to more than $167 billion of gold reported to be in the WTC buildings, including Building No. 7? It’s a question that needs answering and may lead to eventually finding the real perpetrators of 9/11.”

For more informative articles, go to www.arcticbeacon.com.

Greg Szymanski

[link to www.arcticbeacon.citymaker.com]
Anonymous Coward
12/08/2005 10:08 AM
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Re: Government Hacks Continue To Violate Civil Rights Of Illinois 9/11 Truth Seeker
Although it’s difficult to prove who is the culprit in this modern age of electronic surveillance, Jayhan has a pretty good idea ever since connecting a sophisticated web site tracking system which has revealed daily visits from State Department and Department of Defense computers, not to mention other companies with ties to government interests.

State Dept? DOD? This goes back to Rice and Rumsfeld. Master LIARS in their own right.

That chap should not go out to any meetings with these murderers, the last guy that did that was nearly beaten to death.
Anonymous Coward
12/08/2005 10:08 AM
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Re: Government Hacks Continue To Violate Civil Rights Of Illinois 9/11 Truth Seeker
Anonymous Coward
12/08/2005 10:08 AM
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Re: Government Hacks Continue To Violate Civil Rights Of Illinois 9/11 Truth Seeker