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Subject Dangleberry or Dingleberry? Ka-bosh or Ky-bosh?
Poster Handle Chilen
Post Content
I made the post look like a questions but that was just a way to lure you into this thread to set the record straight. I Freaken Hate it when I hear the words Dingleberry and Ky-bosh.

It's not DINGLEBERRY you freakin idiots.

The word in question is used to describe a piece of crap that clings to your ass-hairs.
Now does this piece of crap dingle around your ass like a bell or does it Dangle from your ass hairs.

IT DANGLES!!!! Hence the word DANGLEBERRY!!!!

IF that piece of crap Dingles around your ass dingles around your ass like a bell than you need to stop takin cocks up it and start working on your sphincter muscles to tighten that thing up.


Get it through your freakin heads!!!

Now Ka-bosh or Ky-bosh. To me Ky-bosh sounds like your having a feakin seizure Ka-bosh is nice and smooth. And with Kabosh your are putting and end to something. Sort of like a bomb puts and end to thing. Does a bomb go Kyboom or Kaboom?

It goes KABOOM!!! Hense the word Ka-bosh!!!!


This is your first lesson in becoming un-brainwashed!!!
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