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Silver Analysis

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User ID: 1218493
United States
02/15/2011 05:38 PM
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Silver Analysis
We are also fast approaching the all-time record high in silver, set in 1980 at $50/ounce. The similarities between the world now and back then are uncanny. We have oil price worries now just as back then. We have unrest in the middle east just as back then. And inflation is starting to become a worry, just as back then. Adjust for inflation, the recent demand vs supply increase, the manipulation by JP Morgan and shortages of physical silver, we could see a peak of around $135/ounce if things were to stay exactly as they are right now. It should be interesting to see how the next couple of weeks play out. According to some of the bloggers I follow, it appears as though the general consensus is that March could be a big month for silver and we may even be able to see $50 an ounce sometime in June.

[link to 13minutes-after-midnight.blogspot.com]