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Tell me what you think about this letter I wrote to Short Support.org

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02/20/2011 09:19 PM
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Tell me what you think about this letter I wrote to Short Support.org
It is in response to a McDonald's Commercial called "Elevator" and it aired in June 2004. It is You Tubed below and my response to it is just above it. Luckily for me Short Support.org posted it on their site. Maybe it will help short people get treated better and be able to get tall dates in the future without people laughing at it.

On talk shows we love to believe that fat women are the people who we laugh at for being in relationships with people who aren't fat but it is really short guys. We even go as far as to have a major corp who is built on children make a commercial laughing at us. McDonald's. Let's have Jesus do it in the next McDonald's commercial since he's just as loveable to the kids as McDonald's is just to put hate over the top here in America like they did in Germany with Hitler. He was beloved too.

I had my own experience like this too. There was a 6 foot tall, hot blonde that worked with me at my workplace who was good looking except for her butt. She was dating a 6'5 guy from the pickup area and I asked her if she would date me if it ended. She said yes. One day she drove past my mom and dad's house looking for me when I wasn't there and my mom told me about it later. That's the only reason I know about this.

The blonde's car crashed by accident down the street and my mom and sister ran out there and started calling her names and my little sister started saying that the woman looked like a horse. I can relate to the guy in the commercial which is why I wrote a response in the first place. All of you guys/girls respond as usual and tell me what you think.


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Commentary by Anton Hughes, February 2011

I watched the McDonald's commercial titled "Elevator" on YouTube since I didn't see it on TV in 2004 when it aired. It is about two tall businesswomen working at a corporate office who can't take the elevator because it's stuck or too full so they decide to take the steps to the floor where they work. They are walking up the stairs when one of them brings up the fact that her brother is dating a taller woman.

She says something like,

Can you believe it, she's four inches taller than him?
Then after a voiceover introduces the stepometer product she says,

And you'll never believe what was stuck to his pants.
It doesn't bother me that she's talking about her brother dating a taller woman because all studies show that most women have a height preference. Nobody who complains about normal women not getting on TV unless they're models like Janet Jackson on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno brings any of the studies up conveniently when wondering why they aren't on TV or in magazines.

What DOES bother me is that the woman who says the line about something being "stuck to his pants" is the guy's sister. I can think of WAY more people who I would rather have talk about something being stuck to my pants than my sister. One time my mom got mad at me for liking Sara Jessica Parker and told me that "Not everything blonde is cute."

I got mad at that so you KNOW I would get mad at my sister saying something to me about my date or my private areas. I don't care if short dudes WERE dweebs.

I consider it slight stalking that his sister did this too. I once had this happen to me from my sister. There was a woman who worked security at the job I worked at who was dating someone. She was 6 foot, he was 6'5, and I am 5'3. I asked her once if she will go out with me if it doesn't work out and she said, "sure."

One day when I visited my mom's house I found out that she had driven past our house looking for me and her car broke down on the side of the road. Then my sister and my mom went outside calling her names and saying she looked like a horse. Needless to say me and her never went out after that incident. I think that any sister who can not stay out of her brother's love life is a panty sniffing stalker and deserves jail, even the woman in the commercial.

I just got finished writing a response to a guy who wrote an angry letter on a site called Get Girls.com telling short men how to get women. I would advise him to read this site especially the commercials part and see WHY short men approach tall, leggy women at bars.

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It's happy little Sprite everybody.
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02/21/2011 11:15 PM
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Re: Tell me what you think about this letter I wrote to Short Support.org
It's happy little Sprite everybody.