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Magnetic pole shift underway as pilots and boaters must adjust.

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02/22/2011 09:39 AM
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Magnetic pole shift underway as pilots and boaters must adjust.
I know it always moves, but not like this. When did you ever hear about runways being repainted and now this story?

Magnetic north, the point at the top of the Earth that determines compass headings, is shifting its position at a rate of about 40 miles per year. In geologic terms, it's racing from the Arctic Ocean near Canada toward Russia.

As a result, everyone who uses a compass, even as a backup to modern GPS navigation systems, needs to be aware of the shift, make adjustments or obtain updated charts to ensure they get where they intend to go, authorities say. That includes pilots, boaters and even hikers.

"You could end up a few miles off or a couple hundred miles off, depending how far you're going," said Matthew Brock, a technician with Lauderdale Speedometer and Compass, a Fort Lauderdale company that repairs compasses.

[link to www.sun-sentinel.com]
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