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Subject Sorry Ive been away for awhile guys
Poster Handle The Brian
Post Content
Its been awhile since Ive posted here, been lurking though. Ive been feeling so strange lately, a total indifference towards everything, except my wife and children. I got a promotion at work about a month ago, and could really give a fuck about it. I dont want to be there. I just want to be with my family. Anyone else feel like this? Im really starting to subscribe to the theory that were starting to remember, like we've done this shit before, and we all know whats coming. Whether its economic doom, war, food shortage, elenin, who cares. I really feel indifferent about glp nowadays too. Alot of the paid subs dont seem to be here as often either. Someone please, give me some encouragement, a little hope for this world. I really need it
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