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Self Clearing Method-Rise Above Fear

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1225643
United States
02/25/2011 04:32 AM
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Self Clearing Method-Rise Above Fear
Clear It, Transmute It, And Be Free. . .
How You Can Clear Your Energy Blocks
That persistent energy block. . . it could be something you feel in your body. It could be stuck feelings or thoughts. Now you can learn to clear it, transmute it, and be free. You can use your imagination to do each of the simple steps. Just pretend. You don't have to visualize perfectly, or at all. Just imagine that you're participating with each easy step. Soul healing now, within your reach. . .

Imagine that the palms of your hands can sense energy. You notice flowing energy, stuck energy, warm energy, cool energy. It's ok if you think you're just imagining it.

Use your sensing palms like radar. Find the blocks in your body. You may notice a shift in various places in your body. Don't analyze it-- just notice the blocked or stuck areas.

Clear it. Just pretend-- lift the block out of your body. It's ok to pretend. You're sane. You're safe. Lift the block out of your body, and place it far away from your body. Just look at it, or sense it. No judgment-- just be aware of it.

Transmute it. Say, "I can do this," and reach towards the block. Rotate the block, and notice how this lightens the energy block. Keep rotating it, and notice how it dissolves and crumbles away. Turn it this way and that, as it melts into nothingness.

Say, "I return this energy to the universe," as you spread the melted energy all over the universe. Imagine it. You're feeling better and better. This step is easy when you relax, focus, and work gradually and deliberately. The energy is now so light, you easily spread the last remaining particles all around the universe.

Be free. "Energy massage" the area where you cleared the block, and say, "You are safe, you are well, you feel great." Your "energy hands" are moving just as if they were massaging, and in fact, that is just what you are doing. You imagine this, and yet it is really happening within your body's energy. Your hands are massaging directly into the area that you are focusing upon, even though your hands are at a small distance from that area. It's all really happening, because you linked your massaging hands with the area of the body needing integration.

Now use your massaging hands to smooth your entire body. You are not touching your body. Your hands are moving in massaging motions. You are using your palms to smooth your entire body, at a slight distance from your body. Say, "I am safe, balanced, and focused."

Notice how you feel in body and mind, and repeat the process if needed. Be patient-- sometimes you feel much lighter immediately, and sometimes it takes several repetitions to make a difference.

The technique, simplified:

Clear it- find the blocks and lift them out.

Transmute it- disperse the blocks and return the energy to the universe.

Be free- massage the area where the blocks were to stabilize and integrate.

Be patient- Repeat as needed. Notice the subtle improvements with each repetition. The changes are gradual, yet real.

When you are able to transform a situation, even if you only make small, yet gradual improvements, your confidence grows. Congratulations. . . You have taken these simple yet important steps in self-empowerment and soul wellness. Now you know that you will never be in a stuck place, with no way to shift the energy. You are learning that you have deeper abilities than you had realized.

Many Blessings,
Joel Bruce Wallach

Inventor, Powerforms Subtle Energy Tools
Teacher, Practitioner, Soul Healing Energy Work
[email protected]