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A Secret Message Serene Branson Played Backwards ?

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United States
02/27/2011 04:34 PM
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A Secret Message Serene Branson Played Backwards ?
There has been speculation that Serene Branson may have been possessed by a demon or spirit that may have been channeling a message through her during the Morning News following the Grammy Awards. Coup Media has already used some dictation technology to try to translate any hidden message in her garbled news cast. But this video in reverse is the most shocking discovery yet.

Video of her news cast in reverse here: [link to coupmedia.org]

Bransons message backwards.

The message nearly sounds like Swedish or some Scandinavian language, in the reversed message, Branson clearly says "Nevaeh" and possibly what sounds like the word terrorist.

The name Nevaeh is the word "Heaven" spelled backwards. Many erroneous origins for this name... Read more at: [link to coupmedia.org]