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*** Rapture Preparation - Movie Psy/Op??? - "VANISHING On 7th Street" ***

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03/02/2011 01:41 PM
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*** Rapture Preparation - Movie Psy/Op??? - "VANISHING On 7th Street" ***
OK, I saw this trailer on TV last week and thought that it appears that the government is preparing the world for the Rapture. Of'course their slant will be that "the Rapture is a terrible thing and you should be lucky you weren't taken..."

Notice how the clothes are left behind as if the person was "translated" right out of them. At the Rapture (regardless if you believe in Pre/Mid/Post Tribulation) this is what is believed will happen.

Prepare for some strange days ahead my friends!

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....and whatever you do, DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK... no... don't do it... STOP!!!! I warned you....

[link to www.youtube.com]