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Message Subject Revelation of an elite family insider in Russian forum REVEALED.
Poster Handle Suicidewait
Post Content
Question: - Insider, why do not you come back to godlikeproductions.com, and here. You have forgotten how to write in English?

Answer: - English is not their native language for me, as well as Russian.

Translation loses much of the energy embodied in the meaning. For this reason, I thought it useful to give some answers here, in Russian. For English-speaking people have already said all that was needed to say. Continuing responses to godlikeproductions.com will not.

Question: - how universal it is possible to support the body of the body-mind in a healthy condition without compromising the "pick up" information, the virus in a technology improvement?

Answer: - Life of the organism fueled by energy-ONE.

It makes sense to increase their own opportunities for cooperation with UNITED, interaction directly, without intermediaries.

This is mainly achieved by diligent, painstaking study of themselves and their capabilities.

Excessive emotionality and inertia in response to stimuli, the desire for destruction in thought leads to the destruction of the body.

Universal remedy does not exist, that for some poison, the other drug. Everyone comes into this world with a unique set of skills and abilities that are predefined before birth, with the minimum necessary number of those tools that are necessary to fulfill his earthly mission.

Question: - Insider, you said that the process of reproduction of oil are similar to those that use the bees when honey is doing.

Answer: - All around is subject to the Divine Law of similarity.

The differences are nothing more than an additional dimension. People for example like an animal, the difference is the presence of his extra dimension - awareness of action. You can study one subject area, and find in it answers to the essence of the processes occurring in a completely different domain.
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