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Subject can you help me find info about a sky phenomenon that allegedly occurred this week?
Poster Handle Dread Pirate Roberts
Post Content
I did search for a couple of hours on my own, on GLP and on the web, and have come up short. You guys are awesome and I know you will know or at least will be able to point me.

A friend at work told me about something that happened in the "war zone", Iraq maybe, where something in the sky "astonished" everyone. She said that it was "on the news." These people likely watch Fox News and other mainstream tv news. They definitely are not alternate news viewrs and they do not surf the web.

What happened this week in the Middle East that was spooky? It seemed like she was talking about a paranormal or spooky thing like the Cairo horse in the window or the Norway spiral. Sorry I can't give more details but it was really really loud in there and then we had to go to the bus...

Any help is appreciated,
thanks :)
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