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{:Would a Merlin want a star cruiser-when, h he had legs to...:}

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03/08/2011 07:10 PM
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{:Would a Merlin want a star cruiser-when, h he had legs to...:}
Carolaginian $ to Paladins exist because of constant feuding tween tribes everywhere Eire-Britain etal
Schism later leads some $ to expose/declare itself an 'Athens' Other fled across all seas-
To keep safe at sea was easier to do than a river- stream easier by far than travel by land.No roads of any kind just fields/thickets- One dressed as I can protect 5-10 at best- mostly needed at night to protect people from animals not one another.
Incendiary bombs/flares/rods last resort not war plans-This Dutch breakup of resources due more to constant flooding of tribal safe spots for separate DNA ESP group operated- two groups diff philosophy, but pacifist sect ones behind keeping tech from people-siting not just Britain but Brittany and Eire- Not enough wanted to share/trust safer tech put away in 'Souls-Minds' of Stage Players- for future-
Nana Pendragon near death forced will power over aliens mind shields- Brave soul 1st humans to see thru tech of Reptoid/Hun invasion knew exact location of leadership and their tech wagons- 'Eire'style bitch slap of Anu-bred Romans- She lived long enough to safely love openly many great grand kids-One of main polar POV for arming masses-knowing Aliens better minds and weapons-
Others like hers death by misuse/abuse forced some to turn away from all Europe-
Reptoid mind control/fear easier motivator than gold on an empty belly if thee can not feel hunger in your mind-
Replaced by adrenaline rushes/speed effect of constant war fare-
Why Huns failed and Eire survives they never caught on to Rugby&Soccer:}for sugar rushes instead of constant even ritual warfare-
Which IS why when a field of stubborn Irish O'men :} showing off to one and all that they aint afraid of no Paladinos-salvos of any weapons-
- when a burning Magnesium/beeswax bolts passing thru a chiefs horses flanks come out and explode setting war field on fire- get mad & die or get real neighborly and try that Virginia tobacco...cricket? tennis? anyone come back?
Sorry about the smoke fire and noise- I'll give you$ for the horses!
Well it IS safer, n'est pas- this Footbal-
Drunken Priests staring at naked Bridgets should expect no quarter but a family ticket $ and fair seats for the matches.Paladinos/ Round table knight of Eire know to Eastcoasters too.
"Imagine..." USA style $ for players from Camulon $merchants or Galaway, To travel play sports-make arts/crafts/sciences, Mechs&Techs&Fembots in every pot:} anywhere$$$ What Dark Ages:} Health of all bodies-Education of all minds-Welfare of all souls-Camulon or-... oh those Dark Ages...
Anonymous Coward
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United States
03/08/2011 07:16 PM
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Re: {:Would a Merlin want a star cruiser-when, h he had legs to...:}
Seek professional help
Lucky Charms

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03/08/2011 07:18 PM
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Re: {:Would a Merlin want a star cruiser-when, h he had legs to...:}
What in the name of fuck was that all about?
'Magically Delicious'