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**Many Popes Have Been Labeled The Most Evil Men In History. **

Anonymous Coward
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United States
12/07/2011 05:18 AM
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Re: **Many Popes Have Been Labeled The Most Evil Men In History. **
TXGal, shame on you,

Your mother in Heaven, both of them are crying at your
Catholic hating threads. Fallen away Catholics are so

I guess you'll have to paste from another unbiased thread,
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1288597

No one has been judged yet. They are all sleeping in their graves. How can you call me hateful, but not call what these evil men did??

These were YOUR popes!!!
 Quoting: TXGal4Truth

TXGal is a 7th Day Adventist! We're
saints here already and there's no one in Heaven but God
and the angels. :ange13:

Silly, where did the Bible come from...oooh, that
evil Catholic Church.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1288597

The Bible came from the Catholic Church? Really?

The same "Church" that punished people by death for having a copy of the scriptures for nearly 1200 years.

Martin Luther? Anyone?

Honey, they may have compiled some of the scriptures but giving the Romans credit for giving us the scriptures is like giving them credit for giving us air.

Total and complete bullshit.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4934514

The truth is HERE!
TXGal4Truth  (OP)

User ID: 1013398
United States
05/22/2012 09:05 PM
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Re: **Many Popes Have Been Labeled The Most Evil Men In History. **
So have I now become your enemy for telling you the TRUTH? Galatians 4:16
You call me paranoid. I call you uninformed.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 16524277
05/22/2012 09:12 PM
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Re: **Many Popes Have Been Labeled The Most Evil Men In History. **
More than fifty Popes have shown themselves to be atheists or unbelievers. The history of the Popes records homosexuality, rape, murder, adultery, incest, drunkenness and selling religious offices and much more. The following examples are just scratching the surface as many of the Popes have been labelled as the most EVIL people in all history. To list all of the crimes from all the Popes in brief would be a list ten times bigger then this page. There is no way God would have this as His true Church. God flooded the Earth destroying all but eight people for far less then the atrocities of these Popes.

Pope Damasus I (366 - 384) for many various crimes. Persons who questioned any Church doctrine had their lands seized and family sacrificed through being tortured and burnt alive. Former female priests and their children were used as sex slaves to provide income for the Church. He was found guilty by 44 bishops of adultery but used his position to obstruct justice after which he murdered the bishops.

Pope Stephen VI (896 - 897) brought the dead body of former Pope Formosus (891 - 897) to trial, hacked off his decaying finger and had him dragged through the streets of Rome and thrown into the Tiber River.

Pope Sergius III (904 - 911) obtained his office by murder. He fathered several illegitimate children by Marozia who assassinated Pope Leo VI (928 - 929), and put her own teenage son (John XI) as Pope.

Pope John XII (955 - 964) is described in the Catholic encyclopaedia as a coarse, immoral man. The Catholic collection of the lives of the Popes, the “Liber Pontificalis” said: “He spent his entire life in adultery.” Catholic bishop Luitprand states that “he had no respect for single girls, married woman or widows - they were sure to be defiled by him.”

Pope Boniface VII (984 - 985) John XII and Leo VIII were described by the Bishop of Orleans as “monsters of guilt, reeking in blood and filth.”

Pope John XV (985 - 996) split the Churches finances among his relatives and was described as “covetous of filthy lucre and corrupt in all his acts.”

Pope Benedict IX (1033 - 1045) committed murders and adulteries in broad daylight, robbed pilgrims and was regarded as a hideous criminal. The people drove him out of Rome: The Catholic encyclopaedia says, “He was a disgrace to the chair of Peter.”

Pope Urban II (1088-1099) for many crimes against humanity. His worst was during 1096-1099 where approximately 10,000,000 innocent men, women and especially children were murdered and their property stolen under the legal approval of Pope “Blessed” Urban II. The wholesale slaughter of innocent people was for nothing more than greed which included Belgrade (1096), the chief city of Orthodox Church after Constantinople, Yugoslavia (1096), Turkey, Syria, Antioch (1098) and Palestine.

Pope Adrian IV (1154-1159) receiving profits from crime. England Monarchs paid the Roman Catholic Church an annual fee for the “legal” and perpetual enslavement of Ireland by Papal Bull Laudabiliter until the time of Henry VIII.
Pope Alexander III decreed in 1170 that wills had to be made in front of a priest, or excommunication (cutting off from Church and sentence to hell) would result.

Pope Innocent III (1198 - 1216) promoted the Inquisition, surpassing all his predecessors in killing over one million people.

Pope Boniface VIII (1294 - 1303) The Catholic encyclopaedia states, “Scarcely any possible crime was omitted - heresy, gross and unnatural immorality, idolatry, magic, simony ... his whole pontificate was one record of evil.” Dante visited Rome and described the Vatican as a “sewer of corruption” and assigned Boniface VII, Nicholas III and Clement V to the “lowest parts of hell.” He proposed to be an atheist and in 1302 issued the “Unum Sanctum” officially declaring the Roman Catholic Church as the only true Church, outside of which on one can be saved.

Pope John XXIII (1410 - 1415) was accused by 37 clergy witnesses of fornication, adultery, incest, sodomy, simony, theft and murder. It was proved by a legion of witnesses that he had seduced and violated 300 nuns. He kept a harem at Boulogne of 200 girls. He was publicly called the devil incarnate. He has been called the most depraved criminal who ever sat on the papal throne.

Pope Eugene IV (1431 - 1447) condemned Joan of Arc to be burned alive as a witch, but Pope Benedict IV (1919) declared her a saint.

Pope Pius II (1458 - 1464) fathered many illegitimate children and taught others to do likewise.

Pope Paul II (1464 - 1471) maintained a house full of concubines.
Pope Sixtus IV (1471 - 1484) financed his wars by selling Church offices to the highest bidders.

Pope Innocent VII (1484 - 1492) fathered 16 illegitimate children by various women.

Pope Alexander VI (1492 - 1503) committed incest with his two sisters and daughter. On October 31, 1501 he conducted the worst ever sex orgy in the Vatican.

Pope Paul III (1534 - 1549) as a cardinal fathered three sons and a daughter and sought advice from astrologers.

Pope Leo X (1513 - 1521) the Catholic encyclopaedia says “was possessed by an insatiable love of pleasure, revelry and carousing.” Luther visited Rome and said: “No one can imagine what sins and infamous actions are committed in Rome.” A saying was: “If there is a hell, Rome is built over it.”
Pope Joan was a female Pope whose name was changed later to Pope Zacharias. Luther, on visiting Rome reported her statue in a back street, and John Huss referred to her in his defence as the Council of Constance and this went unchallenged. She died in childbirth while in a public procession.

Pope Pius IX (1846-1878) for many crimes including political assassination. Pope Pius IX did authorize the funding and mission that resulted in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln on April 15, 1865.

Pope Pius XII (1939-1958) of the single greatest crime against humanity in the history of all humanity (1939-1945). He handed to Hitler and Himmler a complete blueprint for the systematic elimination of key non-Catholic minorities across Europe as well as the establishment of death camps for their murder. He instructed that ethnic jewish people and other heretics were not simply to be murdered but ritually sacrificed by being burnt alive, consistent with their Church law on the penalty of heresy. See quotes further below. He aided and abetted known war criminals (1946) such as personally ensuring the safety and escape of Ante Pavelic who was head of one of the most brutal and satanistic regimes in human history called the Croatian Ustashi. The Catholic Ustashi murdered at least 600,000 people in ways that can only be described as purely satanic including ritualistic cannibalism, crucifixion, live dismemberment, burning alive and excessive torture.
The “great schism” of 1378 lasted 50 years, where Italian and French Popes cursed each other. Is this the same morally pure Church that Christ left to preach the gospel? When confronted with such evil papal history, the Catholic Church, which claims “infallibility”, teaches that “A sinful Pope ... remains a member of the Church, and ... from whom we may not withdraw obedience.” Catholic encyclopaedia Volume 4 page 435.

HOLY FATHER?? I think not!

[link to www.the-ten-commandments.org]
 Quoting: TXGal4Truth

Any witnesses?
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 35130812
United Kingdom
02/25/2013 11:15 AM
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Re: **Many Popes Have Been Labeled The Most Evil Men In History. **