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Message Subject **Many Popes Have Been Labeled The Most Evil Men In History. **
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A fair question, tell me TxGal, since you attack the faith.

Why did you leave, I asked previously and you never share.
If someone hurt you, offended you, someone in authority
in the Church or a fellow Catholic, forgive them. Is it
the requirements, are they too tough? The requirements are
grace filled, no where else can you receive such great grace.

I am sorry if I've hurt your feelings in any way at GLP.
I could be nicer but it's difficult and painful to read the trashing of the faith.

The Remnant is Roman Catholic, we're in the end times and
you all who start these threads are in for the biggest
shock! 1doh1

Satan laughs, he knows personally about the pride of saying
I'll decide.
 Quoting: Mary 1288597

IT wasnt even an attack..it were facts layed right in your face,but the thing you worry about is her leaving her believes ?! instead of the thing you SHOULD be worrying about..and that is those popes having sex with little children popes reeking in blood and filth,fornication, adultery, incest, sodomy, simony, theft and murder. Facts you do not even dare to discuss but rather you attack the OP.very sad,but thats all you people can do isnt it ?
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