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Message Subject **Many Popes Have Been Labeled The Most Evil Men In History. **
Poster Handle TXGal4Truth
Post Content
I just love it when the pious can come together and beat the holy crap outta each other as to who really is a "christian".

A lot of gringo Texans have historically been Catholic - so I guess that means a big ol' civil war might be brewin' in the Lone Star state, never mind the rest of the Onion.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1289004

It's not about that AC. It's that many are following a MAN who claims to be IN PLACE of Christ. That's just not possible.
 Quoting: TXGal4Truth

In persona Christi applies to an ordained Catholic priest,
consecrated to Our Lord not just the Holy Father.

As at the Last Supper, Jesus changed the bread and wine
into His body and blood, so does every Catholic priest since
the Apostles.

+ + +

You’ve probably heard the saying “in persona Christi” applied to priests. It’s a Latin phrase that very nicely sums up who and what a priest is. Translated, it means “in the person of Christ.” How that’s understood makes all the difference in the world.

For some, “in persona Christi” means that the priest merely represents Jesus before the people. Others believe it means that the priest simply performs actions that are Christ-like. The true meaning of the phrase, however, is far deeper than we can imagine without the gift of faith. For it means nothing less than that a priest, in a certain metaphysical sense, is Jesus.

Don’t take that to mean that when a man is ordained he somehow becomes divine like our Lord. No, as any priest will tell you, he retains his humanity just like the rest of us – complete with the inclination toward sin that afflicts us all.

Rather, at his ordination, a man’s soul is mystically transformed and given a permanent mark – also called a “character” – that empowers him to do for the People of God what ultimately only Jesus can do, most notably change ordinary bread and wine into the Lord’s body and blood, and forgive our sins in the Sacrament of Confession.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1288597

How does the pope have the power to do this? Confession? Only GOD himself can forgive sins...not man on earth.

You friend, have taken the mark.
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