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Message Subject **Many Popes Have Been Labeled The Most Evil Men In History. **
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
TXGal, shame on you,

Your mother in Heaven, both of them are crying at your
Catholic hating threads. Fallen away Catholics are so

I guess you'll have to paste from another unbiased thread,
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1288597

At no time did she show any hatred towards the Catholic people in her post.
 Quoting: Fantasia II

TXGal is a fallen away Catholic who knows zip about the faith. She starts anti-Catholic threads daily on the forum, who can figure why?

This is someone who said there are no saints in Heaven! Give me a break. TxGal isn't interested in learning about the faith from Catholics, no, she pastes from anti-Catholic sites. The thread title and content of the OP are an attack
on Catholic people.

p.s. After someone pressed TXGal, she admits a dead person's
spirit isn't in the grave only their body. She has to go
further to explain where is that "spirit" now? The "spirit"
our soul leaves the body at death and will not be reunited
with the body until the Final Judgment. Where does our
soul go until the Final Judgment?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1288597

It goes believe it or not, if it is not reincarnating into an "energy jar" for transport to other worlds or the heaven worlds at some point. yea ones do not understand. the Body is NEVER resurrected, how could bodies dead for 10,000 years be resurrected?????? When you do make the Mansion worlds, you are given a new body, one that does not need toilets. they are custom made based on your DNA patterns.

Since the advent of Christ 2000 years ago, all people who have made 3rd circle level in their growth, (circles start at #7 and work inward, so one who has made 3rd circle has 2 more to go), they get to go directly to the mansion worlds, the lower heaven spheres, and arise in their new bodies 3 days after death. Those that do not make 3rd circle during life, "sleep" in energy jars, until millenium or other resurrections. there was a resurrection around 1000 ad for example. Or any other time there is space available for the more immature souls.

Again bodies on this planet do not resurrect, they don't on any evolutionary planet, it is the soul/MIND that resurrects.

There are other possibilities, sometimes the sleeping survivors are reincarnated for more experience. A lot of you folks are NOT new souls and you return to our personal other side when you leave your bodies.

My own father when he passed, as a waiting committee of others waiting when he went thru the tunnel. Of course in this life he thought it was his first life and then of course remembered when he returned to our other side. He will not be having his next life here on earth, he was sorted to a place appropriate for him, he is not yet a candidate for those ascending with this planet. There are many options.
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