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Message Subject **Many Popes Have Been Labeled The Most Evil Men In History. **
Poster Handle Nine's
Post Content

At no time did she show any hatred towards the Catholic people in her post.
 Quoting: Fantasia II

TXGal is a fallen away Catholic who knows zip about the faith. She starts anti-Catholic threads daily on the forum, who can figure why?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1288597

I can. It's out of love. Hoping you'll escape the judgement of the great harlot. hf
 Quoting: Nine's

Where's the love, it's hate posted in her OPs and 99% of the comments are negative to trash the faith in her anti-Catholic threads. I love TxGal, she rejects Catholic explanations and the prophetic, what can I do but pray for her return. I post the prophetic, Catholic and Protestant
so you all will remember, recall and I hope change.

Your words in bold, the very mature constantly repeated one sentence rebuttal. tomato

Explain to everyone here which of the non-Catholic Christian
sects in the thousands, a new one started every week, which one is God going to reveal to the world is His true
Church? Since your misinterpretation of Scripture and God's taking down the Roman Catholic Church.

Which one, post it. Please. hf
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1288597

The only thing I have to go by, is His Word. Based on that, I'd think the religion would be:

No part of the world. John 18:36

One that doesn't support the political systems return for favors. James 4:4 as opposed to:

"INVOLVEMENT in politics can help the poor, a Canadian archbishop told pilgrims . . . Even if the political system does not seem to be according to God’s will, ‘we need to get involved so that we can bring justice to the poor.’”—Catholic News.

One that doesn't kill or condone killing.Exodus 20:13

One that isn't drunk with the blood of the holy ones. Revelation 17:4-6

One that follows His word, the Holy Bible, rather than the traditions of man, or the church.Matthew 15:6-9, John 7:16-18

One who doesn't worship idols.Exodus 20:4,5

One who doesn't call their leader Father or Rabbi. Matthew 23:1-10

One that produces good fruit. Matthew 7:17,

One that observes His commandments.1 John 5:3
(and doesn't alter or combine them)

One that speaks to others about His kingdom. Matthew 24:14
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