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Message Subject **Many Popes Have Been Labeled The Most Evil Men In History. **
Poster Handle me777
Post Content

Christianity is full of horrors because people like you believed the watered down fear-based version of the teachings you got from the Roman Empire. The actual Christ taught about reincarnation and enlightenment, but the wisdom was removed to keep the sheep like you in fear and judgement. Go study the works of the first Christian sage Origen Adamantius. He was teaching the real stuff and dumb nominale followers of Romes version plaque this world. You judge all the time in here and have failed to hear the Christ's message. You are not a very wise women and I see your dark heart. This is directly from the office of the Christ....... He sees who you really are Txgal.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 628002

Ac, ignorant and uneducated followers of Luciferian New Age religion like you, will accept coming NWO and Global Genocide in a name of "love and light" and "evolution of humanity" where Christians like Txgal, will be executed so they can't stop morans like you from "evolving".

Now some history lesson:

Origen Adamantius (c.185-254) is an author of one of the MANY LATER manuscript perversions . Him and Clement of Alexandria produced manuscripts corrupted with Greek philosophy (Col. 2:8), and allegorical foolishness (not believing God's word literally), attacking the Word of God in OT and NT.

Textus Receptus foundational manuscripts are dated before 66 A.D. by latest studies of Magdalen Papyrus manuscripts.

So you are talking about later perversion, and trying to pass it for '"the true teaching".

Where you came up with this nonsense from , and what 'office of what Christ" you are talking about, the UFO one?

You know who else loves the New Age Theosophical lies you are promoting here?

Here you go, meet the authors, the funs and the promoters. Enjoy:


[link to babylonmysteryreligion.com]

Hitler And The New Age
[link to newagedeception.blogspot.com]

The Secret Behind The Secret Societies

So you can come back when you can disprove the information presented with DOCUMENTED AND VERIFIABLE FACTS, not some channeled nonsense..
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