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Message Subject **Many Popes Have Been Labeled The Most Evil Men In History. **
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

This is the most wonderful admission I've read in two years
on the forum. It explains all our arguing and no one budging from their belief. I am sorry for not explaining very well. There is really a block in understanding between Catholics and non-Catholics.

No disagreement about Scripture, oh my, you can't help but fall in love with Jesus reading who He is and of His teachings in the Word.

But He has more for us, one actually receives God Himself in communion (the Holy Eucharist)! It's a divine mystery but it's true. Ordinary bread and wine are changed by the priest's words of consecration into Jesus Our Lord and Savior. The Eucharist, is God in you literally, this gift is the greatest grace.

That is why Jesus says unless you receive the Eucharist you
have no life in you. He means spiritual life because it is the pinnacle, the "jewel." The Eucharist transforms you, because of the grace therein.

When the Great Warning happens, you will better understand.
All other objections to the RCC will fall away. All people will desire to receive the Eucharist, I can't imagine them not after being shown personally by God.

Maybe a block to understanding and acceptance now is serious sin and the same when the Great Warning happens so some will say no even then! The best thing to do to prepare
for the Great Warning is to truly repent of and confess your
serious sins to God and prayer, pray every day.

A rule, a requirement to explain. Catholics have
to be free of serious (mortal) sin when they go forward
to receive the Eucharist. This is referred to as being in the "state of grace." God who is perfectly holy can not be where sin is. The only way to get in to, remain in this "state of grace" is first, if you haven't been, to be Baptized and after Baptism, from then on you must repent with true contrition and confess your serious (mortal) sins to God which is why Catholics go to Confession.

God in you, is "life in you" so desire the Eucharist. hf

remember, at the Great Warning,
 Quoting: Mary 1288597

In short, it is cannibalism. Symbolic cannibalism.

Protestants do it, too, but they call it "communion".

It's all just cannibalism.


On topic of the thread... of course they are criminals. The whole point of christianity was political control. Why the surprised outrage when it's just serving its purpose of catering to greedy, selfish men??
 Quoting: Sandi_T

Because this is NOT what christ taught. Anyone murdering in the name of christ is full of shit.
 Quoting: TXGal4Truth

Yet......if God murders, yes I said murders in the name of good, suddenly that becomes ok? Is there not a double standard here?
 Quoting: ajk

Tell me ajk, are you mad at God? God takes you
when it is best for your soul, young or old.
God decides life and death. He's the creator.
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