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Message Subject **Many Popes Have Been Labeled The Most Evil Men In History. **
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Tell me ajk, are you mad at God? God takes you
when it is best for your soul, young or old.
God decides life and death. He's the creator.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1288597

No, I am mad at the lies told about God.

As for the rest, where's the free will we supposedly have if God decides if we live or die?

And you cannot tell me it was justified or "best for the soul" that God killed thousands in one fell swoop, such as in the great flood. That's pure evil right there, and far beneath a loving creator.
 Quoting: ajk

You say they are lies.

Where is it you get to decide concerning life or death? You are not the creator. God created you because He loves you ajk. It's in between birth and death, you alone decide for Him or not. That's free will, God is not going to force
you to love Him.

You don't know what became of all those people, I just
commented in another thread, I've never been to anyone's Particular Judgment.

take care, rose
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1288597

Yes I do, because the Bible paints a picture of a jealous, spiteful mean and angry God who kills and burns anyone who disagrees with Him. Such a parent here would be seen as evil and their name tarnished, but because it's God it's different? No I think not.

Yes I know God loves me and loves all, though part of the reason we are here is so God can experience limitations through us, since on His own He can't being unlimited. And we do this for Him out of love.

As for the rest, yes I agree God will not force us to love Him or force us to do anything for that matter. But having said that, He's not gonna kill us for a choice we make down here one way or the other. That simply isn't the case, and is a lie from man to control.
 Quoting: ajk

The God in Scripture I know isn't the God you describe.
Man, especially in the beginning didn't know who God was/is so fell back to human unloving, ungodly ways time and time
again. You point to God's actions and don't look at men.

Does this sound like a jealous, spiteful, mean and angry
God? No. Aren't you happy just thinking about the first
sentence in the excerpt?

God the Father, the Father of All Mankind
excerpt from a message given Mother Eugenia


Realize then, O men, that for all eternity I have had but one desire, to make Myself known to men and be loved by them. I wish to stay forever with them.

Do you want an authentic proof of this desire that I have just expressed?

Why did I command Moses to build a tabernacle and the ark of the covenant, if not to come and dwell, as a Father, a brother, a close friend, with My creatures, men? This was My ardent desire. In spite of this, they have forgotten Me and offended Me with countless sins. I gave Moses My commandments to remind them, in spite of everything, of God, their Father, and of His sole wish, to save them. They were supposed to observe the commandments and thereby remember their infinitely good Father, always intent upon their present and eternal salvation.

All this was forgotten and men sank into error and fear, considering that the observance of the commandments as I had transmitted them to Moses was too taxing. They made up other laws in accordance with their whims, in order to observe them more easily. Little by little, in the exaggerated fear they had of Me, they forgot Me more and more and heaped outrages upon Me.

Yet My love for these men, My children, never quite ceased. When I realized that neither the patriarchs nor the prophets had been able to make Me known and loved by men, I decided to come Myself.

But how could I come among them? There was no other way than to come Myself, in the second Person of My divinity.

Would men know Me? Would they listen to Me?

Nothing in the future was hidden from Me; I Myself answered these two questions:

"They will ignore My presence, even though they will be near Me. In My Son they will treat Me cruelly, notwithstanding all the good He will do for them. In My Son they will speak ill of Me; they will crucify Me to bring about My death."

Shall I stop because of this? No, My love for My children, men, is too great.

I did not stop there. Understand well that I loved you, as it were, more than My beloved Son, or rather, more than Myself.

What I am telling you is so true that, if one of My creatures had been enough to atone for the sins of other men through a life and death similar to those of My Son, I would have hesitated. Why? Because I would have betrayed My love by making a beloved creature suffer, rather than suffering Myself, in My Son. I would never have wished My children to suffer.

This, then, in brief, is the story of My love until My coming among men through My Son.

Most men know of all these events, but they fail to grasp the essential thing: that love was the guiding principle in it all!

Yes, it is love. This is what I want to impress upon you. Now this love has been forgotten. I want to remind you of it, so that you can learn to know Me as I am, so that you will not be, like slaves, afraid of a Father Who loves you so much.

++++ ++++

Does "He's not gonna kill us for a choice we make down here" mean "He's not gonna send us to hell for a choice
we make down here"...?
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