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Message Subject **Many Popes Have Been Labeled The Most Evil Men In History. **
Poster Handle Sword0fGideon
Post Content
all this bickering is preposterous, God executed judgement upon the world and flooded it, but on the ark he saved a remnant. at the tower of babel he executed judgement, the people didnt disperse and spread across the earth, and for mans sake it was for the best, else he becomes subject to one persons governance and then that king is looked upon as a god. this is what nimrod was striving for perhaps. and then israel was told to commit genocide. the only other option was to destroy the earth yet again, but it wasnt time because thats reserved for the latter days, so israel had to do Gods will. there were giants upon the world in those days and its those giant races which israel was told to destroy. the giants inhabited the promised land, they was there to keep Gods words from coming about/being fulfilled. genesis tells you that the sons of God came and took the daughters of men for wives before and after, before and after what? the flood. nimrods description is reminescent of the great and mighty men of old. giants are abominations in the eyes of God, there is no place in heaven for an abomination. and the angels guilty will be punished, hell wasnt meant for man, it was made for angels. the fires of hell are eternal, the anti-christ and false prophet are thrown bodily into hell, after the 1000 year reign and eventually satan is captured he is thrown into hell with the anti-christ and false prophet, with means they are still alive, tormented. and just so you feel good christians know, satan hasnt ever been in hell.

its amazing! i am not raised/taught by any church, yet me in my foolishness dont sound as crazy as some of y'all, and seem to have a clue. why dont you ask God why? Jesus said he leaves with us the spirit to guide us into all truths. use it! take advantage! get some understanding!
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