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Lyndon Larouche Webinar in review

Thomas G. Krugmeire
User ID: 1290138
United States
03/11/2011 07:03 AM
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Lyndon Larouche Webinar in review
This week LaRouche began with his views on history and science and the economy and proposals as to how to fix the economy.

Aside from saying the obvious about the broken economy Lyndon could not have been more wrong a to z.

He starts off with his Irish history lecture claiming the Irish suffered at the hands of the English to build a foundation to relate today's economic problems globally, it's all the Briitsh.

In fact it was the Roman Church who's policy was put in place in Ireland that led to the Great Famine causing many of them to relocate to America with ships waiting. One of the famous Russell Templar family was running England at the time.

In other words, LaRouche is saying the Catholics today are victims and the Protestants are causing all the problems. Ha! He points briefly in passing at George Bush's grand-dad a financier of Hitler's Nazi regime. Yet, LaRouche failed to mention these were Skull and Bones papal knights of the Templars. Not British agents, Templars, like Hitler's Nazi party, Teutonics Knights.

Then LaRouche went on with baseless claims about scientific theories as tho they were fact. He's always going to carry the world to mars looking to colonize the stars and find his marxist utopia somewhere in the galaxy. How much do you need for the one-way ticket Mr LaRouche?