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Message Subject OMG!!!! Land in JAPAN Cracks and moves like it's sitting on top of a WATER (VIDEO)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I wouldn't be so fucking calm. I'd be getting the fuck out asap if the ground was swaying around like that and there wasn't a quake going on.
 Quoting: Jack Tripper

People are so ignorant nowadays that when final doom is here they won't be fully concious of it, they'll be like "oh shit this is strange like the ground is moving and lava is coming out and like there's some red thing in the skies and omg this is so exciting im freaking out"

And then they will die.
 Quoting: Coelbren


A volcanic eruption?!? That old thing? It's been billowing for YEARS! You're so negative!! Nothing will happen, don't be silly! Come let us sup on lamb and fine wine! Discuss the newest plays, and art! Maybe see some dancing girls...
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