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Message Subject OMG!!!! Land in JAPAN Cracks and moves like it's sitting on top of a WATER (VIDEO)
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
The speed at which things are progressing is amazing.
 Quoting: Oklahoma

That was odd.
My sister was in the 89 quake in SF.
She had an older car that ran bad sometimes. She got into her car and turned the key...she thought her car was running bad again then she looked out of her car and the parking lot and light poles were swaying and the parking lot was rolling like a lake.
It's a liquidification thing. The solid ground under you literally acts like a liquid
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 899040

The speed will increase yet again

exponentially as we go forward in the next few years-

Liquefaction of the ground does happen as the pressure is so great...as seeks release.

However, too many think what they perceive as solid is solid and they will find that matter is MUCH MORE FLUID THAN THEY have believed

with all the massive shifts-consciousness will also be affected-some better, some far worst.

Best focus on that which one can work on

Avoiding the 'hot' spots

Japan will be slammed even further

volcanoes on Japan, Hawaii, Russia, and Indonesia are active and more waking to spew brimstone

food will become a serious problem for many-eventually most all-seed bank or not-

Take care and be gracious for what you do have...as many struggle to stay alive-be grateful for even the air you can breathe or the water you can drink

BITTER WATERS ahead and Japan and it's nuclear plants going into the sea would bring even greater woes upon all of us-

Prayers for Japan, Indonesia, Hawaii, Chile, and even the Alaska quakes

New Madrid possibly by mid May

Yellowstone will sync therein

hf the people to discern well during hammertime
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