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Interesting Information about Mumbai Attacker, Mossad and Indian Intelligence...

Ruh Roh
User ID: 1170420
03/12/2011 04:10 PM
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Interesting Information about Mumbai Attacker, Mossad and Indian Intelligence...
Here's a few paragraphs from the article. well worth a read.

26/11 Revisited: Raymond Davis and a Travesty of Justice

The events of November 26th, 2008 will forever live in infamy. The terror attacks perpetrated against the Indian city of Mumbai shook the South Asia subcontinent to its core, leaving 195 confirmed dead and at least 295 other innocents wounded (1). The terror was said to be manufactured in Pakistan, the self-declared enemy of India, “the world’s largest democracy.” It was carried out by expertly trained “Jihadi terrorists” as per the direction of Pakistani intelligence and elements within the Pakistani government. This delusional fallacy however, is devoid of any basis in reality and nothing more than a concoction of the vitriol-spewing institution known as the mainstream media.

This institution of vileness, depravity and criminality is owned by a cabal of individuals who share common interests in supporting a certain illegal entity nestled on stolen Arab land in what is now known as occupied Palestine. This cabal adheres to an ideology which justifies the murderous occupiers’ ethnic cleansing, land theft, terrorism and 63 years of bloodshed inflicted upon the indigenous Palestinians with xenophobic fairy tales of chosenness.

This ideology is Zionism and its adherent cabal of Zionist media owners are Redstone, Murdoch, Zucker, Saban, Bronfman, Bewkes, Immelt, Iger, Sulzberger and Zell to name the most prominent few. These men infected the world with the virus of falsehood in regards to the illegal invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and the annihilation of Iraq. They pieced together a multi-billion dollar Hollywood blockbuster for the September 11th attacks and repeated the same propagandistic formula for the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai.

26/11 was a well-planned, well-financed paramilitary operation with Mossad at the head, Hindutvadi India’s RAW serving as a close partner and the CIA providing additional support. No criminal from any one of these organizations has been arrested, let alone tried in court. Instead, a 23-year old man who has been framed from the very beginning of the 26/11 operation has been tried, convicted and sentenced to death for being the mastermind of the carnage on that November day. His name is Mohammad Ajmal Mohammad Amir Kasab, and what has been done to him is a travesty of justice that began with Zionism and will end with Hindutva. The Bombay High Court says this that innocent man “should be hanged by the neck until he is dead.

Kasab has accused RAW and the Zionist entity of framing him, planting false evidence and shooting him to make it appear like he took part in the heinous 26/11 assault (7). Not only was Ajmal Kasab framed, his life destroyed, his reputation tarnished forever, and his very existence now at the mercy of Zionism and Hindutva due to the 26/11 event, he was kidnaped at least two years prior to the false flag in Mumbai and illegally held in an Indian dungeon, waiting to be “activated” as the patsy for the comprehensive intelligence operation. Ajmal Kasab, along with nearly 200 others, were kidnaped by RAW while on a business trip in Nepal some time before 2006. Human rights advocates and the parents of Ajmal Kasab filed petitions with the Nepalese Supreme Court, but to no avail. Their son disappeared without a trace, only to resurface in 2008 as a murderous “terrorist.

[link to www.pakistankakhudahafiz.com]