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Message Subject Sanity Only: Discuss reality of Japan situation rationally. Moderated.
Poster Handle Armchair Agent
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The radioactive isotopes will contaminate the cleanup effort and of course because so many of the reactors are in meltdown condition giving off lethal doses of radiation they can't even get close enough to pump water on them anymore.

I believe it will progress to a level like Chernobyl only worse since the Japanese are to smart to send people in on suicide missions.

The cores will melt through their steel casings and start sinking into the ground. When they get deep enough, Japan will bomb the area and then when the dust settles pour huge amounts of concrete over the area to prevent further explosive radiation emissions.

The area will be unlivable for at least 50 years. Huge human and economic toll, with birth defects and people getting terminal cancer for years to come. Not to mention the amount of radioactivity that will be spread via the jet stream which could even affect the West Coast.

It is REAL WORLDWIDE DOOMAGE!!! look at the hit the Asian stock markets are already taking.

[link to finance.yahoo.com]

I put this up NOT because I'm one of them, but because that is who's in charge and it will be apparent in this century.

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