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HUGE chemtrail formation over Southern California/Los Angeles Coast today?? - Pics/Vids inside!

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United States
03/16/2011 12:14 AM
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HUGE chemtrail formation over Southern California/Los Angeles Coast today?? - Pics/Vids inside!
Hey everyone. While I was at work in Downtown Los Angeles today, I couldn't help but notice what seemed to be some increased "chemtrail" activity (actually it seems to be increased over recent weeks, but I am a newish trail-watcher). On my way home, I was driving on the freeway, when I looked behind me and saw a HUGE cloud, but one that was oddly linear. Even more odd is that there seemed to be a few more trail layers flying parallel to it, and in relatively close vicinity to eachother:

IMAGE ( [link to i1187.photobucket.com] )
Three trails, two normal sized with the huge one in between. This is slightly zoomed.

IMAGE ( [link to i1187.photobucket.com] )
A wider shot of the huge trail and a regular one beside it.

IMAGE ( [link to i1187.photobucket.com] )
Southern side of the big formation

Hands down this was the biggest formation I have ever seen, and never had I seen one maintain its shape and position for so long. I am by the way a Los Angeles-native for almost 30 years, and can't recall ever seeing something like this. Did any other locals see it? It was a very clear blue day today. As I mentioned, I am "newish" when it comes to chemtrail analysis, so perhaps it wasn't a chemtrail at all, but something else....(natural formation :?)

Please view the rest here: [link to s1187.photobucket.com]

Those trails would eventually all overlap, and cover a quarter of the entire sky. I even saw two of the small ones cross paths head on to make an "X" shape just under the setting sun. Pretty cool. This was by the way stretching over the ENTIRE COASTAL AREA as far as my eye could see from southern Los Angeles County northward, and I would estimate coverage of 35-100 miles. There were also plenty of trails in the other parts of the sky, curiously positioned imo, but certainly not as impressive as the other action. I also was able to grab some video with my phone, but the quality is pretty terrible. Hopefully my impeccable, super leet driving/filming skills will distract you from that.

But PLEASE check out the Photobucket album ( [link to s1187.photobucket.com] since the vids do not do it justice, and I think viewing the vids alone will not impress anyone (in fact one already has 1 Dislike on Youtube, lol).

This of course all went down on the same day that we are freaking out about Potassium Iodide, finding it has been sold out on the west coast (maybe elsewhere) AND ON THE INTERNET, and also the day that city and federal officials are saying NOT to buy it/take it (obviously related); that there is no need. Do you think it is true, that our government is actually watching out for us, and unleashing Potassium Iodide/K1 into the sky over our coast as a protectant? Are they ACTUALLY MAYBE on top of this? The cloud looked like it could be screening us from some impending doom. I guess we can only hope, but it does seem to offer some comfort.

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