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Message Subject *HUGE* : Want some conspiracy? Then read who is Mikhail Kryzhanovsky ---->. "HILLARY TO REMOVE OBAMA "
Poster Handle RARisingSon
Post Content
"In October, 12 2010, I had a meeting with two Secret Service agents, John and Bratt (646-842-2107) - they were pretty nervous about the video "How to kill President Obama" I put on YouTube to show the vulnerability of the protection system (video was based on a real fact - DCCC sent me invitation for a dinner with Obama). I've asked them why they allow the White House press office to put Obama's next day schedule on Internet with exact time and place of his trips - it gives a perfect possibility to kill him. You know what they told me ? That it was Rahm Emanuel's order and they can do nothing. On October 2, 2010 Emanuel was fired but they keep posting every day it's OK with the White House meetings, but not with the trips.Interesting."

Hmm.. another rabid supporter of Zionists. They keep turning up everywhere. What we must realize is that the connections between these elite sycophants really have nothing to do with Americans, Israelis or Arabs. It's all a very elaborate dog and pony show they have staged to keep the rest of us cowering in fear and fighting amongst eachother so that we do not question their authority. Bush, Rothschild, Rockefeller and the other "13 bloodlines of the Illuminati" are just having a big laugh at how stupid the rest of us have been for falling for this rouse. Want to know where the world is controlled from? I can tell you 3 good places to start.

1. London - Illuminati Financial Center
2. Washington D.C. - Illuminati Military Center
3. The Vatican - Illuminati Religious Center
 Quoting: RARisingSon

LOL with whats just happend to our banking system in the UK you believe this. Quick wheres your meds.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1301008

Engineered collapse. Look who benefits. The elite. Who looses? Everybody else.
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