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Message Subject Guy who put Ron Paul's face on his own minted coins convicted of "domestic terrorism," could get 15 years
Poster Handle Levi Philos
Post Content
The New York Sun today editorializes brilliantly about the ironies in the conviction of Liberty Dollar founder Bernard von NotHaus. The editorial begins:

"Here is a thought experiment concerning two men who have issued money. One issued gold and silver coins that will today bring more in dollars than he charged for them. The other issued paper notes that are today worth but a fraction the gold or silver they were worth at the time they were issued. One man is facing the possibility of years in prison after a federal jury found his issuing of money to have been a crime. The other man is walking around free and being treated by the authorities with great deference. Which is which?"

The editorial, most likely written by Sun editor Seth Lipsky, is headlined "A 'Unique' Form of Terrorism" and can be found here:

[link to www.nysun.com]

From GATA: [link to www.gata.org]
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