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Message Subject incoming! Earthquake imminent in Asia set for tomorrow (thursday March 24th 2011)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I think the OP who gave this heads up is connected with the OP who gave the warning on 3/8/11 about the 7.0 pre-quake in Japan. He was only a half an hour off in that case, and he did not return to post after it happened.

Thread: A Message From The Highest Levels of Elite

Same Modus Operandi.

1. Reports like (maybe they are) they are an insider at risk of being discovered.

2. Does not post after their prediction is proved correct. This is almost unbelievable for someone who was just guessing on GLP. It adds credibility in both cases, and demonstrates they were only looking to warn people so they could take precautions--as opposed to coming back and tooting their own horn.

3. Names location (Japan) in first warning...warns people of Philippines in second (this) warning. Close...it was felt in Thailand which is right next to Philippines, moreover, because he stated Asia, perhaps he was anticipating a Tsunami hitting the Philippines. Remember the last OP nailed the 7.0 prequake in Japan by half an hour, which was followed by a 9.0 and Tsunami 3 days later. In other words, the Tsunami would emanate from the mainland side and head towards the Philippine Islands...makes perfect sense.

4. Both Ops logged in as Anonymous Cowards.

5. Both posted at almost the same time of night. 8:33p.m and 9:11 pm

6. Both from United States.

7. 9:11 and 8:33 are Illuminati numbers.

Really, the only major difference is that the second post blamed HAARP for the Earthquakes.
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