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Message Subject BEWARE OF LIGHTWORKER BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Poster Handle I am glad I came across this
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For starters, I am a lightworker, I have read thru the posts here and I can see OP's point of view because I understand what he is trying to say and perhaps it isn't coming out correctly but he is in fact dead on with some things. I also have to strongly disagree with who ever posted that lightworkers only succomb in a mediative state to throw the love energy out there. That is simply not true. I found that to be laughable. We are so much more than that, and unless you are one, you will never understand what race we truly are. I also have to laugh at so many lightworking books out there written by what OP refers to as (and I will put it in a more understanding terminolgy) false prophets. Lightworkers are constantly studying, observing, we know so many religions because we study them, we know all about the illuminati, secret society, the government, we can smell evil from miles away.Lightworkers are psychics, empaths, mediums, clairaudients, or perhaps all of the above and we have the abilities to perform magic in many ways without ever taking a class or picking up a book. This is true lightworkers do not charge for anything we despise the ones who do and we are very verbal about it. The dark entities hate us always have, and no, we are not fallen angels, fallen angels are in a class of their own. Fallen angels and false phrophets try to ruin and damage the world and damage the true lightworkers. That is where faith and belief gets tested, and let me tell you, if you are a lightworker and you believe in God and truly love him, you are untouchable. It's like a police officer wearing a bullet proof vest. We know who the wolves in sheeps clothing are. I read once on a lightworker website that said we are ALL lightworkers, and again, that is not true. If that were true we would all be in a perfect hate and war free world where nobody suffers, no child dies or goes hungry and no human being is succombed to a horrible disease. The fallen angels and the false prophets are here to take your faith, instill fear and take every ounce of faith right out of you and the outcome is very serious because they are winning and the lightworkers are here to stand up to them and call them out.....
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