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Message Subject BEWARE OF LIGHTWORKER BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Siward
Post Content
This post is not for christians you should all know better than to be decived by lucifers crap!!!!!!!! For the rest of you 1 millon and something fools that belive this i am love and light bull shit, you have been decived. i am a soilder of THE MOST HIGH GOD and lucifer has got a whole bucnh of you idiots very decived. ive been watching these fallen angels disguised as light for years and now when i check out their bullshit ashtar star command web site, they are saying that they must change their name to some other lie because people think they are part of the alien agenda and they dont want to be part of the big alien lie!!! bull shit!! if any of you ever bother to read the book of Enoch you would see the names of all the fallen angels that now are still useing the same names, just as light workers instead of the fallen angels that they are. Do you think JESUS would ever say i need to change my name so im not accused of being a jew or anything else hes accused of, so why all of a sudden these light workers are scared??????? Because they know the LORD and they now they have decived millons and they know JESUS is gonna throw them and their fake light and fake love (give me $150 and i clean your chakras bullshit) straight into the pit of hell!!!! and every time you channel you are allowing demons to invade your body!!!!!!! WAKE UP YOU SLEEPERS!!! and ask your self why is that fallen angel ashter RUNNING and HIDEING if he was realy christ and light then what the HELL is he so scared for, i am fearless becuse perfect LOVE from the FATHER cast out all fear!!!! i know GOD protects me and fights every BATTLE for me. Whats your alien king so worried about????? Jesus the REAL CHRIST is about to exspose these demons (angels of the so called light) and they know it and ive been sent here to exspose these ass holes for who they are DEMONS!!!!!!!!!!!
 Quoting: THE TRUTH 1301728

If christ came back... People like you would be to fucking confused to understand what happend... Cause honestly Christians haven't a CLUE what a godly being is... You are divise, and stupid... Jesus taught nothing but love... And that Book you cling so desperately too, has been tarnished and re written for 1500 years... During the Dark Ages ONLY if you were part of the Catholic Church could you read the scripture... Thus you see how you've essentailly become part of a degenerated species of people and religion.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1139990

I'm afraid you obviously don't know the bible very well then.

I suggest you look up the following ancient world rituals and then re-read what Jesus said and then work out exactly what he meant.

1) How far Roman soldiers could requisition a "local" to carry their bag for them and what their punishment was if they exceeded that.

2) Under Jewish law, what the was punishment for someone taking everything, including the robe from their back, from the debtor that owed them.

3) And this was present in Jewish, Roman and medieval practices, which hand and with what part of your hand would you slap someone with and what happens if you try to slap them on the other cheek (which will bring you back to the, which hand part).

Come back and talk about the bible once you know the answers.

I'm getting sick and tired of
A) corrupt christians, reinventing christianity for the today's world and
B) ignorant christians who can quote chapter and verse but have zero comprehension of what was actually written and what it meant.

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