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Message Subject BEWARE OF LIGHTWORKER BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Visions about Jesus, Sananda
Post Content
I have had many visions about Jesus, Sananda, & God and the Bible. From what I can see.
Some people say Sananda is a extra-terrestrial. My visions are that he is not a extra-terrestrial, but he is the historical Jesus Christ. My visions show also that he, Jesus Sananda is the only begotten Son of God like some christians believe. Jesus is Gods only Son who was born as, and form of the whole person of God yet with a distinctly different, and separate personality to God the father. God the father is the Higher self of Jesus Christ. Jesus can grow into becoming more of his Father where as in difference no-one else in existance can. All my ideas come from the visions I have, not from books or people, and not from higher dimensional beings.
From Jesus and Gods literal veiw of humans humans are crazy, nut cases. Humans jump on band wagons when subjects are raised to groups of people and humans make judgements without all the information. People condemn people, and persecute people. Humans are undeserving of promotion in the dynamic pecking order or underserverving of being given knowledge and power over other beings in the power structure of the universe, universes.
The disfunctional things humans do are list that is long and everyone can be on that list.
People channel Sananda and alot of what those people write is nonsense and is probably their own beleifs. They are probably channelling their own memory and subconcious mind and writing what they beleive and have imagined.
My visions might be incorrect and if I find out they are I will through them out like rubbish. I have observed that many people into spirituality don't scrutinise their beleifs thoroughly. I have observed they are also disfunctional in many ways that they don't know of. They also are ordinary people with the same faults and flaws as the general public who don't learn about channeling, Sananda and other outside of the common subjects. People cant find out for certain regarding some subjects what is true or not about Jesus and God. People cant go up into higher dimensions, go through time, visit The God who is the highest, and the first God to exist. There are lots of things people have to do to find out for certain what is true and what is not. Many of those people cant do so people won't find out for certain what is true or not. All religion, all beliefs pertaining to God are unproven theories that will remain unproven theories. Having greater passion that other people above the said subjects doesn't change whether a beleif is true or not or real or not. I agree alot of new age people have imaginary love and their whole life is imaginary. They are like people who live on the social media on the internet and avoid physical face to face relationships with people. But people who criticise them probably have some different disfunction that is very disfunctional. Signing off. People will probably reply with very nasty and very critical statements. I don't care.
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