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Message Subject Plutonium Oxide PuO2 contamination: highly recommend 3M Tekk 6000 series RESPIRATOR to protect your lungs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hi thank you for the post, I think that he knows how bad plutonium is to breath in. I have been researching it, just google the rocky flats plant in Denver. The plutonium particles if inhaled can stick to your lung, bone marrow, liver and will radiate outward internally. It will eventually cause cancer. You also do not need to inhale much , only one particle can do this. And reactor #3 was filled with mox or plutonium. From the Rocky plants accident in Denver it is true that people are still there living healthy lifes. But the data shows that even at the closed plant there are dangerous plutonium particles still around the plant today. Ultimatly God will lead you and will keep you safe. But knowledge is important to have about these events.
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