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Message Subject Plutonium Oxide PuO2 contamination: highly recommend 3M Tekk 6000 series RESPIRATOR to protect your lungs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
miss cleo,

as a christian jedi of the shepherdschapel.com, i care
about what happens to you. what happens to you is
important to me.

fukushima has exposed a critical flaw in all nuclear
plant installations. the reactors themselves are
irrelevant. it is the spent fuel rod pools that are
the danger.

i believe that the bible and other ancient manuscripts
regarding previous cataclysms are warning us about
nibiru. if 2011 is the year of years and nibiru is
already here on our doorstep, then we should expect
more severe geophysical disruptions and more nuclear
installations failing and releasing more radiation
into the atmosphere.

we should know by the end of may 2011 if elenin is
indeed nibiru.

knowing the above, a reliable respirator is a prudent
thing to have in your prep bag. i don't want you to die in
ignorance. i want to give you a fighting chance.

the following youtube is a good philosophical
explanation of my prime motivations:

who will feed the eagles when they are denied their
natural bounty of seasonal food? who will be there
to feed the american people when the illuminati
implement their end game?

the answer is this: the christian jedi will stand
up to feed the american people the truth -

WE ARE A CONQUERED PEOPLE. everything that proceeds
forth from mubarack obama's mouth is a lie and the
illuminati put him there to accelerate the
suffocation of the american people.

once you grasp this truth, you can plan and map
your future likewise.

girl genius,

n95s won't cut it. you need a respirator that has a
half mask with a nice positive seal around your
mouth and nose. any respirator that can prevent you
from smelling spilled diesel or fresh poop is a
respirator i would use.


very few people have the wherewithal to test for
plutonium oxide in the air. the only way to know
it's there is high sustained radiation readings.
the black/grey smoke from reactor 3 ain't steam...
just surf the facebook/twitter/messageboard/socialmedia
wave for high radiation level reports that
independently corroborate with each other. do not
trust the government or institutions like universities
whose primary fundings come from government and
other nwo entities. following glp daily is probably
a good enough warning system.

if on the west coast, i recommend staying in place, unless
you are rich enough to take a long vacation on the east
coast. if the radiation and contamination reach
intolerable levels, capitulate and move - but we are a long
way from such an improbable eventuality.

i am making an educated guess that the pacific will
absorb most of the plutonium. if i am wrong, i will
post here on the exact day i take my first KI pill and
start wearing my respirator outside. i live in the

 Quoting: grimmlord

Hi thanks for your info! I guess I will stay in place for now. Would you reccomend plastic sheeting off doors and drafty areas for awhile until these reactors settle down? I also agree with you many earth changes are upon us and I will be getting my respirator ready with refillable cartridges for me and hubby. I also have designed respirators for my three small dogs in case of emergency. Shame on our govt for not shutting down all these nuc power plant facilities on the west coast. Even the germans shut down 17 sites temporarily and they are not even on a techtonic plate that is getting ready to colllapse. I guess most americans are too busy watching american idol and jersey shore to care about humanity.hf
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