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Subject Earthquake, Tidal Waves Hit Japan
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Earthquake, Tidal Waves Hit Japan: Hundreds Die .
Sydney Morning Herald -

The Sydney Morning Herald
March 5 1952

Earthquake, Tidal Waves Hit Japan:
Hundreds Die

Tokyo, March 4 (A.A.P.).-Whole villages were swept away and hundreds died on Hokkaido, north island of Japan, when tidal waves followed five submarine earthquakes today.

The death toll is mounting hourly.
The entire island of Hokkaido and the northern half of Honshu (the main island of Japan) were shaken by the earthquake.
However, most devastation was caused by a series of tidal waves which struck the east coast of Hokkaido from Nemuro to Tomakomai and the east coast of Honshu as far south as Sendai.

(link to newspaper article)
do read it as it offers interesting insights
into the current fiasco.

[link to news.google.com]
google search term was 'earthquake'
News archive results for earthquake
Mar 5, 1952


Why would anyone in their right mind even consider
building NUCLEAR power stations in an area freaking
well known to be prone to devastating
earthquakes and massive tidal waves ???
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