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United States
03/29/2011 12:49 AM
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Started this after getting inspired by this site (yes, it *DOES* happen). I only found GLP a few weeks before the Japan eq. I have to say, even with all the utter raucous bullshit, that this place has some very intelligent and well informed people. My first show was crap because the call in button glitched and the callers couldn't get through... (I've never done this before) It would be awesome to have other people chime in during future shows. Since I have family in Japan and Asia, GLP was the ONLY site that provided me with any real news or information. This site and the people on it, even if we are come combative assholes at times, are amazing.

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We know we are not being told the whole story, or even the true stories, behind the current events being shown to us in the mainstream media today. The governments, media conglomerates and the PTB have every reason to manipulate the masses, inciting fear and panic or placating us when it serves them.

Seekers of truth in science, global mythos and anyone willing to see beyond the smokescreen of what is being fed to us, and kept from us, in the media - converge here to discuss and share their perspectives on the deeper meanings and consequences of what is happening in our world today.

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