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Message Subject My experience with RAPE!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

I guess we should be paying more attention to Africa or whatever nation has a high rate of rape, instead of financial meltdown, nuclear catastrophe, and world war 3.
 Quoting: PinkLilPanties

Any muslim country will have high rate of rape - only way they can procreate over there.
 Quoting: IJumpInIt

your views are old and dull
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1136891

Then explain why you will not speak out against Sharia law? Old and dull maybe but honest. If you are so sharp and wit filled then address the largest divider in the religous community between christian/muslim?

C'mon - show us how advanced you really are.
 Quoting: IJumpInIt

because its all a game to control you. why would i play in a game that its only end is to control you ... wake up evolve. religion is the only thing wagging wars there is no separation from church and state all of the worlds leaders are puppets get a grip on reality. thoes people are ignorant because of there religion and there state, you are no different then anyone else on the plannet. kept in the dark and fed shit.
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