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Message Subject My experience with RAPE!!!
Poster Handle IJumpInIt
Post Content

Then explain why you will not speak out against Sharia law? Old and dull maybe but honest. If you are so sharp and wit filled then address the largest divider in the religous community between christian/muslim?

C'mon - show us how advanced you really are.
 Quoting: IJumpInIt

because its all a game to control you. why would i play in a game that its only end is to control you ... wake up evolve. religion is the only thing wagging wars there is no separation from church and state all of the worlds leaders are puppets get a grip on reality. thoes people are ignorant because of there religion and there state, you are no different then anyone else on the plannet. kept in the dark and fed shit.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1136891

And so he tries... ok lets see how evolved you really are then. Religon is only an excuse for the leaders, war supplies are sold so when enough anger is fueled then any given country can 'wage war' but never enough to eliminate the other since we all need each other for this pawn game.

The only country truly insane and using religon as a massive tool to create hate/anger is IRAN. Threatening the existance of a country whose people were previously brought to near extinction by a genocidal maniac is taken seriously. Now if the muslims who claim to be 'true and peaceful loving' would only deal with their extremist elements and not leave it up to the rest of us - then perhaps we could all co-exist. Since everyone seems to want to 100% own the dome of the rock and not create a simple territory, like the Vatican has its own city/state on such a small piece of land, then we will never stop the arms deals/war stocking etc to keep our economies going, and thus fighting... I doubt any religon which orders pain/slavery/lack of freedom though.
 Quoting: IJumpInIt

Total tool you think religion is an excuse and not the puppet master along with the royal blood line that is crowned by the head of the religion. you are looking at the world backwards.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1136891

What I see is a world where all anyone normal really wants is to go about their lives every day - without trying to impose myself on anyone who does not believe as I do. This site is useful for many things from true news to total bullshit. See, I will not waste time worrying about a royal blodline or plans of others - unless they affect me some way. I choose to not interfere with others lives. Now opinions on a subject - we all have them.

For example, my opinion is Sharia law is a pathetic joke. One religon of Islam divided by two divided factions - militant and non-militant. Now the non-militant variety seems to agree that we all can respect the others choices on how we live. These kinds will survive. Now the militant Shariah lovers will all die because they promote a lifestyle opposite any free and open society. It is this one single aspect of Islam that will not survive, and any who support it are stupidlyin denial if they think it will ever take hold across the world.

TPTB will use any tool to divide any people so they can achieve power and do anything to NOT have peaceful co-existance. Bloodlines or not we are all people and deserve to live however we want - as long as we are not harming others. If we harm another then we deserve punishment. Sorry if you do not agree but the easiest way to make my point is this - those that live by the sword will die by the sword.
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